Apprenticeship overview

Overview of an Apprenticeship

Every Apprentice follows a learning journey to develop skills and knowledge for success in their chosen career. The following chart provides an outline of the main stages involved.

For a step-by-step guide to an apprenticeship in hairdressing, please click here.

Apprentice Starts Work

  • Sign-up paper work done
  • Initial assessment by training consultant
  • Learns how to use the OneFile electronic portfolio for assessment tasks
  • Individual Learning Plan completed and signed off
  • Employment Rights and Responsibilities self-study starts

Monthly vocational skill visits by training consultant

  • Assessment of learner’s practical skills
  • Vocational knowledge and theory
  • Individual Learning Plan reviewed and signed off on OneFile
  • Tasks agreed for following month
  • Signed-off by learner off on OneFile

Monthly functional skills teaching

A UKTD Training Consultant will help each apprentice meet the required standards in English, Maths and other functional skills.

Workplace quarterly review with UKTD training consultant

Every three months the Apprentice, Employer and training consultant review progress, identify any additional learning needs and put extra support in place if necessary.

  • Signed-off by learner and employer off on OneFile

End Point Assessment

When all elements of the programme are completed UKTD will arrange with the end point assessment organisation for the final stage of the apprenticeship to take place.

Celebration of achievement

Take a picture of the Apprentice and their certificate, post it on Facebook and share with family and friends.

Celebrate with colleagues in a suitable way.


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