Under the terms for apprenticeships you are required to:


Meet employment conditions

  • Give your Apprentice a Contract of Employment
  • Pay at least the minimum wage for Apprentices
  • Increase pay as performance and skills improve
  • Ensure adequate competent supervision at all times
  • Record Apprentices’ workplace attendance
  • Inform your UKTD Consultant of any unauthorised absences
  • Make your Apprentices aware of your Equal Opportunities Policy


Support their learning and development

  • Support your Apprentice in gaining their training qualifications
  • Give appropriate on-the-job work experience and training
  • Ensure enough time for them to achieve their training objectives
  • Ensure compliance with 20% off the job training is met
  • Allow reasonable access to UKTD staff for monthly visits for assessment, knowledge and functional skills training
  • Take part in the regular reviews of your Apprentices’ progress
  • Be involved in reviews, Individual Learning Plan and target setting
  • Sign off your Apprentice’s progress on OneFile every month


Comply with all relevant Health & Safety legislation

  • Provide a safe working environment
  • Provide Health & Safety Induction Training
  • Hold current employers’ and public liability insurance and vehicle insurance where appropriate
  • Provide personal protective equipment (PPE) in accordance with statute and good occupational practice
  • Provide advice and guidance with regard to safeguarding and prevent.