UK Training and Development enables you to give your staff recognised qualifications and tailor-made training to meet your business needs.

  • UKTD training consultants provide one-to-one support on your premises for apprenticeships and a wide range of courses.
  • We can access government funding if you are eligible.
  • We handle all the paperwork to get the funding and qualifications for your staff.

We will:

  • Manage the whole learning programme for you.
  • Support, assess and train on a monthly basis throughout the learning programme on your premises.
  • Ensure in-house delivery is of the right standard and ensure learners qualify and meet required standards.
  • Register and certify learners for both vocational and functional skills parts of the programme.
  • Work with employers to facilitate the best quality training and achievement.
  • Offer a variety of progression routes to higher qualifications.
  • Help you apply for the employer incentive for 16-18 year old learners.
  • Support you with safeguarding and escalating any concerns.
  • Work with you to ensure that your work-place is a safe environment for the learner.
  • Offer individual information and guidance for you and your learner.
  • An information advice & guidance policy is available here
  • Our employer guides are here for business and hairdressing.
  • Our health & safety and safeguarding policies are also available.

We can also:

  • Train staff members as in-house training consultants.
  • Train staff to become qualified adult education trainers.
  • Offer additional courses and qualifications.
  • Recognise your learners individual starting point.
  • Offer extension units to stretch and challenge your learner.
Employer Incentive PaymentApprenticeship Co-investment Payment
The guidance from the Apprenticeship official website Click Here including business needs for UKTD which you can send to the employer.  
This is a government incentive paid directly to you, however you must meet the requirements listed above to receive this payment.

UK Training & Development Procedures Apprenticeship conditions – Employers needs to add the apprentice to the DAS account to receive payment in line with the start date agreed with the Training provider.    
Co-investment payment is when employers share the cost of training and assessing apprentices with the government.   

Employers that do not pay the levy If the employer does not pay the levy, then they always co-invest with the government. The maximum amount the organisation will pay for apprenticeship training that started:

after 1 April 2019 is 5% of the total cost of the apprenticeship.  

Levy-paying employers The account will automatically go into co-investment if levy-employers do not have enough apprenticeship funds to pay for training and assessment.     

UK Training & Development Procedures Funding conditions: 5% Employer Contribution will be invoiced by UK Training & Development account department and must be paid by the Employer before the apprenticeship can start.      

DAS Information

This is the link you need to access DAS to create an account or to log in if you already have an account.


This is the link to the video showing how to set up your employer account on DAS. You will need to allocate UK Training & Development as your provider. Our provider number is 10007123.


 If you decide you want to reserve funding yourselves rather than give us permissions, this is the link to the video showing how to reserve funding.


Applying for the incentive payment


How to stop or pause funding on DAS video